Our Strategy

Our Strategy

For optimal alignment of interests, Winter makes investments at both the platform and asset levels, including operating company investments, programmatic co-general partner ventures and direct joint ventures.


Winter pursues companies with:

  • Strong management teams
  • Proven and well-defined strategies
  • Durable business models
  • Prudent approaches to risk management
  • Scalability

We provide capital solutions for various scenarios, including:

  • Expansion of existing businesses
  • Development of new related-business lines
  • Management-led recapitalizations
  • Succession planning

Winter offers flexibility
in terms of:

  • Investment horizon
  • Utilization of capital
  • Product types or geographies
  • No fund-like constraints

Special Situations

Winter makes investments in special situations involving commercial real estate, focusing on opportunity-driven events that generate outsized risk-adjusted returns due to complexity or perceived risk.

Winter may invest in single assets or portfolios, directly or in partnership with sponsors, to provide capital solutions and expertise in restructuring complex, distressed situations or under-managed properties across markets and product types.